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    Jamie Chapman

    Coaching Crossroads, LLC

    Business Services
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    Coaching Crossroads® learning system is one of the best resources available for optimizing critical thinking in times of conflict, team turmoil and change. Our approach to change and development supports people who want to realize the best in human potential.

    Coaching Crossroads® was founded in 1992 by Jamie Chapman and was born out of her desire to upgrade old hardwiring in leaders and help people suffering from toxic workplaces in all professions and walks of life.

    Our coaching expertise and abrasive behavior turnaround success stories have helped thousands of happy customers in higher education, law enforcement, and multi-billion dollar high-tech global corporations.

    Building Relationship Management & Interpersonal Skills through these and other service and support options.
    -Abrasive Conduct Turnaround Coaching
    -Coaching Supervision Support
    -Individual & Team Health Solutions
    -Guided Meditation Sessions
    -Emotional Intelligence Workshops, Assessments, 360 & Team Health Surveys
    -Personality Profiling Tools....

    We've been waiting to hear from you. We will leave the light on.

    Connect with us at www.linkedin.com/company/coaching-crossroads
    or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wayforwardthinking