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    Hands of Hope Northwest, Inc.



    About Us

    Hands of Hope Northwest's mission is to improve the quality of life for people with health or mobility issues by redistributing donated medical equipment and supplies to individuals and partnering organizations, domestically and internationally.

    To that end, we collect medical equipment and supplies that hospitals and individuals no longer need and make them available to developing countries, other nonprofit organizations, and individuals right here in our area.

    Hands of Hope NW has served 69 countries since 1992. That means we've sent 110 large containers and at least 80 small shipments filled with medical equipment and supplies to impoverished communities in developing nations. We've equipped over 200 medical mission trips with medical supplies, helping medical professionals give humanitarian assistance where it's needed most.

    Locally, we've given donated product to over 100 nonprofit clinics, schools, and homeless shelters, facilitating the care and education they provide. And we've loaned equipment, such as wheelchairs, hospital beds, and walkers, to thousands of area residents.


    Hands of Hope Northwest Ministry Center
    Idaho Gives Day 2014
    Refugee, Blema, raised money for shipment to his home country of Guinea.
    Distribution Center on Powerline, Nampa
    Volunteers pack boxes
    Volunteers sorting supplies
    Guinea shipment ready to load
    The big day arrives
    Loading crutches
    Fred Meyer volunteers often help out
    Big job ahead
    Having a forklift helps
    Our motto? Ship no air!
    Good job, guys!
    Several hundred boxes of medical supplies and tons of medical equipment packed
    We ship all over the world. This was in Ukraine.
    And this was in India
    Who do we help?
    People like this Guatemalan man
    This Moldovan nun
    This African child
    This Nicaraguan girl
    This South Sudan baby who needed a nebulizer
    This Filipina mother and her baby
    And this new-born whose mother was saved from giving birth on a newspaper
    Providing hope to the vulnerable
    Thanks to many volunteers at home
    And many medical professionals overseas
    Getting the word out - medical supplies save lives, locally and globally
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