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  • The Shoe That Grows have distributed over 100,000 pairs

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    July 17, 2017
    Press Release
    Nampa, Idaho (July 11, 2017) - Because International is pleased to announce that their supporters, donors, partners, and friends have empowered them to distribute over 100,000 pairs of their innovative product The Shoe That Grows.  The Nampa-based nonprofit organization just passed over this exciting mark in June.  The 100,000 pairs of adjustable, expandable shoes are being used in 89 countries around the world.
    The Shoe That Grows was an idea of founder Kenton Lee after time spent living at a small orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya in 2007. Upon his return to Idaho, he gathered friends and jumped in with this project. It took he and his team six years to complete. During that time they formed a nonprofit organization called Because International to become the foundation for this cause.  They created the first batch of 3,000 pairs in late 2014.  And the mission took off in the spring of 2015. It has been an exciting two years of working with over 800 distribution partners to deliver the 100,000 pairs of The Shoe That Grows to kids who desperately need them.
    Shoes are small things that make a big difference to kids challenged by extreme poverty around the world.  When kids do not have shoes - they suffer through health issues, lack of education, and self-confidence struggles.  It hurts their growth.  It hurts their future. Bottomline: when kids have a pair of shoes, it puts them in a better position to succeed in life. 
    The Shoe That Grows adjusts five sizes and lasts for years.  It grows with the growing feet of kids. The innovative design and durable materials empower it to be an incredible shoe for these kids. Because International’s six staff members and seven board members are committed to getting as many pairs of The Shoe That Grows to as many kids as possible.
    We are thankful to all of our partners and supports for making this first 100,000 pairs happen. And we are excited to pursue distributing the next 100,000 pairs to help put kids in a better position to succeed.
    Kayla Hetherington
    Communications Coordinator
    Because International Corp