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  • Journeys Hospice Journeys Hospice

    Pamela Krajnik
    Journeys Hospice

    Outreach Coordinator

    Our hospice is unique in that our entire team of professionals operates as a unit together to ensure the best possible continuity of care for patients and their families.

    I really consider myself a full-time volunteer with involvement in several different organizations. For the last two years, I have been blessed to be a part of the Journeys Hospice team as part-time Outreach Coordinator.

    As a retired RN, I now, because of Journeys Hospice, have the opportunity to still be in touch with the medical world but also get to be out and about in the community doing the volunteer work I love.

    Business Tip
    As an owner of a small medical clinic, I almost dropped my Chamber membership. It seemed I really did not get all that much for the money. As I considered this change, I decided that maybe I had not really engaged with the Chamber activities and events. So, how could I really make an informed decision? If I was seriously planning to explore the Nampa Chamber of Commerce and what it had to offer, I needed to be committed. One sure way of doing that is to become a Chamber Ambassador. That was the best decision ever! You and your business can benefit immensely from your Chamber membership. It will create a growing network of connections but only if you connect first.

    Proudest Accomplishment
    I am blessed to have had the opportunity and then make the choice to live a Christian life and do as much as I can to serve others. That includes my family, my friends, my community, my country, the less fortunate throughout the world. But most of all, I am proud to be a servant of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

    About Journeys Hospice
    Journeys Hospice is small but we are mighty! As a locally owned and operated hospice service, our team of professional staff members prides themselves on going the extra mile to offer the best care for our patients. Patients are followed by the same nurse for the duration of service providing excellent continuity of care. Journeys Hospice is a full-service hospice and accepts patients from all over the entire Treasure Valley. Contact Journeys Hospice at 208-461-3035 or send us an email.


  • Nampa Direct Care Nampa Direct Care

    Nampa Direct Care

    Office and Marketing Manager

    About Nampa Direct Care:
    Nampa Direct Care is a monthly membership-based, comprehensive family medicine clinic. With Nampa Direct Care, you can expect to receive health care services designed just for you. We cut out the insurance red tape, allowing our provider to give you one-to-one attention, and extended visits. We can address all of your concerns at the same visit leaving you feeling satisfied with your time spent here.

    What makes your organization unique?
    We offer our members direct access to the physician day and night via email and text. With our monthly membership model, you will never pay a copay or office visit fee. You can see and speak to the doctor as often as you need, with NO extra charge. 

    "You in Two" Tell us something about you in two sentences:
    I married my high-school sweetheart and we have 2 beautiful daughters. I have worked in healthcare my entire working life (17yrs), I want to make a difference in peoples lives by helping them be the best they can be. 

    What’s something you’ve learned recently you think others should know? 
    If it feels right in your gut, TAKE THE LEAP! 

    What is one business tip you’ve learned you wish someone had told you when you started? 
    Talk, talk, talk. Be proud of what you do. If your not telling people about what you have for them, they will never know! 

    What's your proudest accomplishment:
    Making the move 2400 miles away from my entire family, and being here 6 years later telling everyone how wonderful it was to just trust and have faith. Because today, I'd never go back to where I came from. 

    Contact: Jane Ankenbauer 208-252-9404 nampadirectcare@gmail.com

  • The Holiday Inn Express & Suites The Holiday Inn Express & Suites

    Alan JonesName:
    Alan C Jones

    The Holiday Inn Express & Suites Nampa – Idaho Center

    Director of Sales

    What makes your company/organization unique? Our Hotel in Nampa is unique partly because of our variety of room options. We have the most variety of, the largest, and even hot tub rooms.  

    "You in Two" - Two sentences about you:  I just celebrated 22 years of marriage to my lovely wife Maria, we have been entrusted with raising 3 grandchildren, and in about a month, we will have our first great-grandchild. Also, I thoroughly enjoy living & working in Nampa, representing this property and serving on 3 local non-profit boards.

    What's something you've learned recently you think others should know? The Cross I carry is heavy enough, I don’t need a big ego to carry with it. Schedule my plan and plan my schedule.

    What is your proudest accomplishment?  My proudest accomplishment was the day I realized that Jesus Christ is my Savior.

    Contact: Alan Jones  208-466-4045 alanj@inntrusted.com

    We are proud to provide the great city of Nampa this corporate brand, Holiday Inn Express & Suites, which is an excellent choice to be a part of for quality and consistency. In addition, our Idaho based management company, Inntrusted LLC, is even more special and has a great mission. “We are guided by our relentless focus of being the industry leader in Hospitality management. Our mission is 2-fold: to create a culture of success and stability for our employees and their families, and to build lasting and memorable relationships with our guests, one outstanding stay at a time.” We are pleased to be able to host Legislative Coffees and occasional Ambassador meetings as needed, and are happy to continue. If you have not had a tour of our newly carpeted and furnished property or ever,  I am more than happy to show you around.  

  • Wahooz, Roaring Springs and Pinz Wahooz, Roaring Springs and Pinz

    Name: Carla Fay
    Business Name: Wahooz, Roaring Springs and Pinz
    Website: www.wahoozfunzone.com
    Job Title: Corporate Event Planner

    What makes your company/organization unique?
    We are a locally owned small business.

    "You in Two" - Two sentences about you:
    Me and my two boys, 10 & 13, just moved here last August from Houston Texas and we love our new city and all the amazing outdoor adventures we go on. On weekends we are hiking, riding our bikes, paddle boarding, fishing, camping or laying by the lake.

    What’s something you’ve learned recently you think others should know?
    Be Bold. Be Fearless. And live life to the fullest.

    What is one business tip you’ve learned you wish someone had told you when you started?
    You can do Anything, but you can’t do Everything. Surround yourself with a strong team and strong community. Together you are stronger.

    What is your proudest accomplishment?
    I’m proud to be a mom. Watching these boys grow into little men and enjoying how our relationship changes and grows.

    Carla Fay- 208-898-0900 ext. 4002- carla@roaringsprings.com

    The new Galaxy Event Center at Wahooz Family Fun Zone opens this November and will be Meridian’s largest, most upscale conference space.  The Galaxy will seat up to 600 guests for galas, meetings, holiday parties, trade shows and more.  The Galaxy will feature an updated gourmet catering menu and cocktail service.  Add some fun to your event with attractions for all ages at Wahooz, Pinz & Roaring Springs Waterpark.  Wahooz features 17 attractions, including the new Indoor Adventure Park and 24-lane Pinz Bowling Center.  Roaring Springs is the Northwest’s largest waterpark and was recently ranked 8th Best in the US by Trip Advisor.        

  • Northwest Nazarene University Northwest Nazarene University

    Darl Bruner

    Job Title:
    Director of Alumni Relations and University Fund

    What makes your company unique? 
    NNU has the opportunity to provide higher education in a Christ sharing setting.

    "You in Two" - Two sentences about you:
    I am blessed by a 42-year partnership with my wonderful wife, Paula, two adult children with one living with her husband and our grandson next door. I'm also blessed to be doing my best to serve the citizens of Nampa on the City Council.

    What's something new you've learned recently that you think others should know?
    Not recently, but for many years – Jesus Christ died on the Cross for each and every one of us, so we may have eternal life.

    What is one business tip you've learned you wish someone had told you when you started?
    Daily learning only happens with less mouth movement and more ear reception.

    What is your proudest accomplishment?
    Two – Accepting  Christ as my personal Savior and convincing my wife to marry me.

    In 1994 we were living in Seattle and could have moved anywhere. Through God’s leading, we chose Nampa where I was born, and have had no regrets. Nampa like any fast-growing municipality has her challenges, but we have a caring, never give up mentality in our citizenry and business community that day in and day out makes us Nampa Proud!

  • Kids First Cast, Inc. Kids First Cast, Inc.

    Howard Davis

    Business Name:
    Kids First Cast, Inc.

    Job Title:
    Director of Sales and Marketing

    About Kids First Cast:
    Kids First Cast is a nonprofit that was founded in 2011.  Our mission is to help build and sustain healthy communities by providing; education, conservation, and outdoor recreation in a safe and inviting environment for kids and their families while enjoying the sport of fishing.

    We want to encourage kids and families a like to get outdoors together and enjoy fishing.  Idaho ranks as the 33rd highest adult obesity in the nation, according to “The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America” released September 2016. Hypertension rate for adults was 31.2% and ranked 25th highest in the nation.  Even if we can get kids and adults outdoors to enjoy fishing, they will get the benefits of the outdoors, clean air, physical exercise, becoming one with nature, just maybe this will be the beginning of a new fit and healthier lifestyle.  Leaving technology and the stress, and spending time outside is great for the body and the brain, (and it’s fun too!).  We encourage families to spend time outdoors fishing because it's healthy. Fishing is such a great way to bond as a family, and it has so many positive benefits, physically and mentally.
    We primarily teach catch and release, but as we've said before, you try talking a kid out of that first fish that they have caught, just ain’t happenin!  The confidence and the big huge grins that we get from these kids when they catch that fish, let’s us know that we are making a positive impact in those kids lives.  Through fishing we are making a valuable investment in our community, and for fishing, along with preserving our natural habitat for future generations.

    What makes your company unique? 
    We are always looking for new ways to introduce and educate our youth and our community to the benefits of fishing.

    "You in Two" - Two sentences about you:
    Love to fish with the kids!  I have over 32 years experience in the fishing and tackle business, but this is the most fun I have had!

    What's something new you've learned recently that you think others should know?
    Volunteering is a great way to make a positive impact in your community.

    What is one business tip you've learned you wish someone had told you when you started?
    Keep it simple and organized.

    What is your proudest accomplishment?
    People recognizing the positive impact we have with kids, elderly, Veterans, and Disabled Veterans, by going fishing together.

    Fish On!


    Chelsea Johnson

    Business Name:
    Darlene’s Printing


    Job Title:
    General Manager

    What makes your company unique?
    Locally owned, family operated for over 20 years. We have great customer service and DEEP roots in the community. We strive to be an asset to you because when you succeed, we succeed. We aren’t “Just a copy shop” We have lots of services to offer you so you don’t have to run all over town!

    “You in 2” Write two sentences about you…
    I like people, but don’t like mornings. You can usually find me riding my motorcycle, backpacking into a remote area with my husband and dog Bosco, or sipping coffee in my sunroom with a book. 

    What’s something new you’ve learned recently you think others should know?
    Remember, it’s not what you say, but how you say it.

    What is one business tip you’ve learned you wish someone had told you when you started?
    You aren’t going to know it all in one day. Just Relax and eat the elephant one bite at a time.

    What is your proudest accomplishment?
    Accepting who I am and maximizing my strengths instead of wishing I was someone else. Self-Acceptance is hard! Also every time I wake up and talk with someone before 10am. Have I mentioned how I really don’t like mornings?
    About Darlene’s Printing

    Darlene’s Printing was founded in 1994 when Darlene saw a need for quality printing paired with extraordinary customer service. She has founded her printshop on integrity, community involvement and quality. This tradition carries on today in her 6 employees and their commitment to great service. Darlene’s offers a wide variety of print needs such as business cards, envelopes, NCR forms, blueprints and posters. They also offer more than “traditional” print items. Promotional products, including water bottles, mugs, pens and keychains to name a few. Wide format capabilities make sure that you are covered for anything such as stickers, signs, and banners. They are located right in the heart of downtown Nampa and would love to help you with whatever project you may have! 

  • Company:
    Nampa Family Justice Center

    Joni Buckley


    Hope sums up the vision of those who work tirelessly everyday at the Nampa Family Justice Center (NFJC).  At the NFJC families are wrapped in warmth and safety as a partnership of agencies dedicate themselves to ending family violence through collaborative efforts and co-located services.  Advocates, counselors, legal aid, medical providers, law enforcement and prosecutors are some of the many service providers.

    As an integral part of the Center’s responsibility, the staff strives to provide the numerous services that clients need in a manner that respects all individual circumstances – which is no easy task. 

    The NFJC yearly fundraiser will be held on March 9, 2018 with the theme “A Light In The Window”, raising funds to assist survivors in moving from darkness to the light of hope.

    Any business or individuals are invited to tour the NFJC and speakers are available by contacting the NFJC at (208) 475-5700.

    (Pictured below is the newly furnished children’s waiting room.)

  • Idaho Independent Bank Idaho Independent Bank

    Aubrey Farner
    Personal Banking Representative

    Idaho Independent Bank

    Tell us about your company:
    IIB was named as one of 2016’s “Top 200 Healthiest Banks in America” and was recognized among the top 1% most extraordinary community banks in the U.S. by The Institute for Extraordinary Banking. Additionally, IIB earned an “Outstanding” rating from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) for its community Reinvestment Act performance, which is only received by an estimated 2% of banks nationwide.

    What makes your company unique?
    Designed specifically to meet your financial needs with a local, personalized touch, “The Idaho Bank” team focuses on building long-term relationships and providing warm, friendly service. Decisions are made locally in Idaho and telephone calls are answered by real people committed to providing practical solutions. Your financial needs are uniquely essential to Idaho’s growing economy. That’s why we are dedicated to providing customized, trusted, local solutions to meet your needs. And that’s what makes us “The Idaho Bank”.

    “You in 2” Write two sentences about you…
    I enjoy anything that involves spending time with my family. I also love to bake.

    What’s something new you’ve learned recently you think others should know?
    I can’t do everything on my own, it’s ok to ask for help.

    What is one business tip you’ve learned you wish someone had told you when you started?
    Mistakes happen, no one does everything perfectly all of the time;  after all “It only becomes a mistake if you regret it”

    What is your proudest accomplishment?
    Being a mommy to 2 beautiful little girls.

  • Select Staffing Select Staffing

    Business Name: 
    Select Staffing

    Kristina Raleigh  

    Job title: 
    Business Development Manager

    About Select Staffing: Serving the staffing industry since 1985, Select Staffing matches talent with opportunity. Whether you're a looking for guidance on how to get a job or searching for staffing solutions for your business, we've got you covered. Select Staffing is one of the leading staffing agencies and part of The EmployBridge Portfolio of Supply Chain Workforce Solutions, a top 10 industry leader nationwide.

    What makes your company unique?
    Select Staffing is partnering with Penn Foster to offer career focused courses free of charge to our Associates allowing them to increase their skills, to demonstrate their focus and discipline, and to show a dedication to self-improvement

    “You in 2” Write two sentences about you… 
    Kristina moved to Nampa in 1992 and is happy to call the Treasure Valley her forever-home. She enjoys spending her free time with her children, cooking, and being outdoors.

    What’s something new you’ve learned recently you think others should know? 
    Put yourself first. Everything around you benefits from you loving yourself. 
    What is one business tip you’ve learned you wish someone had told you when you started?
    Failure is not defeat.   It strengthens you, helps you overcome fear, teaches you to break out of your comfort zone, and put you back on the path closer to success.  Embrace failure.

    What is your proudest accomplishment?
    Being a mother!

  • Air Filter Superstore Air Filter Superstore

    Denny Lucey , CAFS, Co-Owner

    Air Filter Superstore

    Tell us about your company:
    We are the largest stocking dealer in the state and have the only NAFA certified staff in Idaho.

    I thoroughly enjoy what I do because there is always a new challenge. My job is easy because I have great partners and an unmatched team.

    Business is about numbers. If you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

    Share a business tip with us:
    Relax and have fun. I go into every situation knowing that at least one of us is going to have a good time.

    What's your greatest accomplishment?
    I'm very proud of the great team that we have assembled. They make life and business much simpler.

    Contact: Denny on his cell 208-863-3910


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