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Vaccine Information

Here you will find the latest information on COVID-19 vaccine availability from our healthcare partners including Southwest District Health, Saint Alphonsus, Saltzer Health, St. Luke's, Primary Health, and the State of Idaho COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee.

COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee Updates

Idaho’s COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee (CVAC) discusses recommendations for sub-priority tiers in each phase of COVID-19 vaccination to advise the Governor. Sub-prioritization in Idaho for each phase is voted on by CVAC and a final decision is made by the Governor. As final approval is given to the priority populations, the determinations will be released to the public.

The state is working with public health districts, hospitals, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and other facilities who will be receiving and administering early vaccine doses.

The estimated timeline for when Idahoans can get a COVID-19 vaccine is now available. When the vaccine is available to your priority group, it is anticipated that you will be able to get the vaccine through normal vaccination locations such as your employer, physician’s office, local public health district, or local pharmacy.