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Why Nampa?

Why Nampa? That's Easy...

The City of Nampa has a stellar reputation for working with businesses wanting to move to Nampa or expand in this community.

The City’s Economic Development office, headed by Beth Ineck, networks with Boise Valley Economic Partnership and other coalitions to attract companies, including manufacturing, to the Treasure Valley and ultimately Nampa.

For information about why Nampa is a leader in Idaho job growth, please visit, where there’s an abundance of information. In fact, Startup Savant recently featured because it is a top resource for starting a business in Idaho. features current and comprehensive demographics of Nampa and the Treasure Valley, information on the workforce and local educational opportunities, cost of living and even testimonials from those who have already taken the plunge and moved to Nampa. also includes links to development resources, key contacts and information on qualifying for incentives. And you’ll find an abundance of information on the quality of life.

Quick Facts


102,030 (2019 Est from COMPASS), Nampa is the 3rd Largest City in Idaho. See full COMPASS report here.

National Rankings

#1 State for Job Growth - (May 2015)

#4 Best Travel-Worthy State Capital - USA Today (January 2015)

Nampa - #8 "Best Affordable Places To Live" - (2015)

Top 10 Places You Should "Dare to Go" on Your Global Adventure - CNN (2014)

#1 Region for "Getting it Right" - TIME Magazine (2014)

Boise-Nampa Ranked #10 Best Place to Invest in Housing - Forbes (Feb-2014)

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